De biography of Sick Sabbath

Sick Sabbath is a Black Sabbath Tribute band. Our passion is to play the music of our heroes, but also very important is the fact that we like to give the audience a great show. The band was formed in 2013 by the merging of a singer from amelodic rockband (Michael Hos), a bassplayer with lots of stagehours (Wim Brunt), and rocking drummer (Rob Zwiers) and an old rocklegend on guitar (Piet Groenewoud).

In 2014 Sick Sabbath had studied hours of Black Sabbath songs, refined their performance and created the act of Black Sabbath. Since 2015/2016 Sick Sabbath is playing at numerous clubs and locations throughout the Netherlands (Manifesto – Hoorn, P3 – Purmerend, Waterhole – Amsterdam, etc.). In 2017 the first festivals were programmed and the SIck Sabbath is building a name as a great and fun liveband. A band with great ambition to be a professional and great act with lots of enthousiasm and energy that you are not likely to forget.

Ozzy era

At the show of Sick Sabbath you will hear well know Black Sabbath songs and enjoy the act of the band: leadsinger (H)Ozzy doesn’t only sound like the real Ozzy, he is also as crazy (maybe a bit more) and loves to entertain the crowd. Sometimes it is hard to tell wether he is the real Ozzy or not. De heavy riffs from the guitar, the wall of bass and drums will give you a great live experience and take you back to the time heavy metal was invented.

Classic osnge like Iron Man, War Pigs, Black Sabbath, Children of the Grave (anybody yelled Paranoid?) can not be missed on the Sick Sabbath playlist. But what about lost gems like N.I.B., Fairies wear boots, The Wizard, Hand of Doom and Never say die? We play them all!

In short: the men of Sick Sabbath play their sons with the same attitude as Black Sabbath did in the seventies. Sometimes raw and a messy, but that is the soul you need in the slow metal songs from that era. Enjoy the enthousiasm, songs and step back in time with the act of Sick Sabbath.